Echo Spring Bulb Fundraiser! Florissa Flowers. Thank You!

Echo Spring Fundraiser, Florissa Flowers

Greetings Gardeners! 
Arrangements have been made for pick ups. Please contact us if you did not receive your order.
Thank you for supporting Echo:) [email protected]

Choral Music Workshop with Aviva Chernick

We were delighted to welcome Aviva Chernick for a workshop focusing on Sephardic music,
including pieces learned in her recent apprenticeship with legendary musician Flory Jagoda
April 13, 7-8:30pm on Zoom.

Echo Spring Session 3 complete.
We’ll take a break over summer and begin anew in the fall,
early September. You are welcome to join us then!

Sessions are generally 5 weeks in duration, every Tuesday night 7-8:30pm on Zoom.
Rehearsal features lots fo singing, sectional and social breakouts. Each session includes a
special guest artist workshop open to all and a virtual recording of our favourite song! 
Sessions – $40. (includes workshop) To make singing accessible for all we have kept fees
reasonable. Echo has a sliding scale policy up and down. Like most non-profit arts organizations
we are struggling and doing our best during these Pandemic times.
We encourage you to pay what you can.

 ☀ ? ?

Let Anne know if you’d like to join us. 
We look forward to hearing from you! 
[email protected]

What have we been up to?

Echo celebrated the completion of it’s Fall Session Mini-Series with a robust sing-along and outdoor carolling!
We are greatly enjoying the spring sessions in progress on Zoom for our Spring Mini-Session Series featuring fabulous workshops, sectionals, social time and virtual recordings. We’ve just finished Better Times Will Come by Janis Ian, Echo’s 6th Pandemica, 2nd Wave Singers video! Echo is learning new ways to do what we love to do, on-line, which is to sing together in community.

Also for your listening and viewing pleasure: The Echo Pandemica Singers presents: New: Holding You in the Light
Hope, Do Not Carry a Heavy Heart, Big Sky, Bird Song and Fount and Better Times Will Come.
Have a look and listen! You can also see these on our YouTube channel.

Singing together is what we do best! Echo like most non-profit arts organizations is struggling during these challenging Pandemic times but still maintain our sliding scale policy to allow inclusivity for all members.
If you would like to support Echo with a monthly or one time donation: Echo Canada Helps

Let Anne know if you have any questions: [email protected]