River Just Keeps Rolling…. Echo Spring Concert!

Thank you for joining us! Echo’s first live concert in over 2 years, back home at the newly renovated
Church of the Holy Trinity. Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

‘The concert was a magical experience – it was a retreat from the busy city.
I closed my eyes and let the music transcend me. It was a lovely performance.
I had a physical calming reaction to it – I enjoyed the lovely strong voices and the
musical selections. It could have been anywhere.’
Patty Lynes

‘The concert was wonderful!  I didn’t think I’d be able to hear your
voices through the masks but the sound was very focused and crisp, not
muffled at all.  The first piece – Bread and Roses – was a beautiful,
rousing opening to the concert.  The second piece – Open my Heart –
was so moving.  These two pieces really made me realize how nourishing
choral music is to the soul, and how much I’ve missed it. You all sounded
amazing and I actually enjoyed the smaller size of the choir.’

Thanks Brenda

We are excited to be back home at the newly renovated
Church of the Holy Trinity  MAP
19 Trinity Square, Toronto
(next to the Eaton Centre/accessible)

To ensure safety and comfort for us all we request that masks are worn. Chairs will be spaced to provide social distancing.
Our concert will be one hour with no intermission, nor the regular raffle and refreshments.
Bring your friends!

Tickets are pay by donation, pay what you can.
Purchase here:  https://riverjustkeepsrolling.eventbrite.ca
Or at the door.

 ☀ 🔘 💗

We look forward to seeing you!
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