Echo Chocolate Fall Fundraiser 2023, Peace by Chocolate

Thank you for supporting Echo!
We’ll let you know when your order can be picked up at the East and West end Toronto locations in traditional Echo style! The chocolate has not arrived yet, but we’re hoping soon.

Echo is proud to be partnering once again with Peace by Chocolate, a company founded by a Syrian family, whose chocolate business in their homeland was destroyed by war. When they settled in Antigonish, Nova Scotia as refugees they rebuilt their chocolate company and founded Peace by Chocolate in 2016. The company supports a range of non profit organizations and 3 – 5% of all company returns is now donated to the Peace on Earth Society, an organization registered in 2018 in Nova Scotia that contributes to peace building projects around the world. This fundraiser will be supporting Echo as well as Peace by Chocolate peace initiatives. Echo receives 20% of the profit!