ChocoSol & Echo Fundraiser

Support Echo and enjoy the food of the Gods!

This is a new initiative that will be available year-round!
When you order coffee and chocolate from ChocoSol Traders:
You get a 15% discount from the retail price
Echo gets 15% of all sales
You can pick up your order at the flagship store, 1131 St. Clair W., or at St. Lawrence Market, Evergreen Brickworks or Wychwood Barns
or you can pay for delivery of your order 

How it works:
Go onto the website
Select what you want to order

When you select to place your order, you enter EchoChoir

in the discount code box

Select pick up or delivery
Place your order and enjoy!

Orders usually take 2 – 4 days. They will contact you when it’s ready.


More about ChocoSol

Our origins
The concept of ChocoSol was originally founded in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico, by Michael Sacco, and has been based in Toronto since 2006. The origin of our name has links to 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French. ‘Sol’ is from the Spanish word for ‘sun’ and refers to our first 1,000 kilograms of cacao that were roasted with solar power in Oaxaca. In French, ‘sol’ means soil, acknowledging that you must have the soil of the gods in order to have the food of the gods. In English ‘soul’ reminds us of the importance of conducting our work with a good mind and spirit. 
Our vision
A future in which our food system and practices are people-centred,
socially-just, ecological, and dignified. 
Our mission
To craft revolutionary chocolate that is good for mind, body, and soil.
To lead and inspire- while learning from and alongside- the craft chocolate industry
to continually improve its practices, values, and standards.
To work in partnership, collaboration, and co-operation with indigenous communities across the Americas to support community-focused ecological regeneration.
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