Annabelle Chvostek

Annabelle Chvostek is a Juno-nominated singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose musical achievements range from folk to jazz to indie-pop. She has composed music for dance and film, arranged and conducted choral performances, and was once a member of The Wailin’ Jennys. 

Annabelle has been a guest artist at Echo’s Winter 2013, Earth Hour 2015, and Fall 2016 concerts, and provided passionate and creative leadership as our ongoing artist-in-residence from 2016 to 2018. She led our singing of MILCK’s “I Can’t Keep Quiet” at City Hall as part of the global women’s #Can’tKeepQuiet passionate refusal to remain silent in the face of oppression. She led us in a vigorous singing of the Canadian classic “Barrett’s Privateers” in 2015, and has continued to share her gifts as a guest performer in Echo’s fundraising events, and to participate in our Pandemica online performances.

Songs by Annabelle that Echo has performed include “Apocalypse Lullaby,” “All Have Some,” “Black Hole,” “Firewalker,” and “I’ll be your Refuge,” which was written for Echo.  Visit Annabelle’s website for more information, including links to singles “Walls” and  “Belleville Rendez-vous”  from her March 2021 album String of Pearls.