Myra Percy

Second Alto

 Myra recently returned to her hometown of Toronto after 30 years in Vancouver BC. A Registered Nurse since 1987, with a Master of Science Degree from U of T, her specialty was managing programs for internationally educated nurses in their transitions to work in Canada. In June 2021, burnout took its toll and she embarked on an extended period of time away from work. To aid in her recuperation, she ramped up her guitar lessons, began writing songs, took up square dancing, enrolled in both the Mental Health Nursing and Grief Studies Certificates, and joined Echo. 

Myra has three adult children who are the loves of her life. 

What are some of your earliest musical memories? 

My dad played polkas and waltzes on the button accordion. We used to have dance parties in our basement. My mother always played gospel music. 

What kinds of music do you enjoy currently? 

Eric Clapton, the Ramones, instrumental jazz, old time gospel and country music. 

What kinds of musical experiences did you have before joining ECHO? 

I sang in a choir throughout high school and played clarinet in the school band. After university, I joined The Mozart Choir. When my children were young I played the violin alongside my son and daughter as they took Suzuki lessons. For a short while I also played the flute. I have also sung solos, duets, and folk music in small groups at Irish dancing events. During Covid I started online guitar lessons and currently I have face to face lessons with a great teacher who can play anything. My repertoire is up to twenty songs and now I am composing my own music. 

What brought you to ECHO? 

In 2022 I decided that joining a choir would help me to heal from a traumatic family death. When I googled choirs in the downtown area, ECHO came up. It was the perfect solution. I could take the subway to get to practices and there was no audition. I found it a bit difficult to sing when I first joined in Sept 2022, but as my heart healed, so did my spirit and my ability to open myself up to feeling the music. 

Did working with internationally educated nurses affect your taste in music? 

Not specifically but it helped to open my mind to what is out there. I always asked students about their favorite songs. One thing I really enjoy is the diversity of music we sing at ECHO. I really like singing other languages. 

What is it like being a second soprano? 

Being a second soprano means a fair bit of droning. I love it as I get to work on my breathing and support the other parts of the choir. It’s beautiful. Second sopranos are a supportive group. We lean into each other for help. 

What would you say to prospective members? 

Give it a shot. Find your section and you will be welcomed quickly and warmly. When I go home I feel a great sense of accomplishment. After much preparation it feels great to perform at a concert. Join us and you won’t regret it.